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When I was a little boy, disturbed rather helping in the store -- playing with bobbins, clippings, buttons -- my mother was often telling me about a Warsaw tailoring company where my father, my two brothers and one of the sisters learned the art of tailoring. It was in their uncle’s (my mother’s brother’s) studio. That studio was definitely not a small one since my mum always started her story with the fact that the uncle -- the owner -- was travelling around Warsaw in his own carriage drawn by four horses. These were the twenties of the XXth century -- the time from which I could probably start to count the days and years of tailoring achievements by the generations of Wisniewski. This fact is documented by two advertisements of “Wiśniewski” arising from the coastal sands of Gdynia at 75 Świętojańska street, that miraculously still exist in print. One advertisement published in the Dziennik Gdyński is dated November 16, 1936, and the other one December 22, 1938.


My father, Stefan Wiśniewski, was first running his tailoring studio with his brother in Gdynia. During the Nazi occupation, he moved to Warsaw and bought the premises at Dobra street, where he ran his studio. I, Janusz Wiśniewski, was born there in 1940. We managed to survive the Warsaw uprising and after the surrender, we were displaced together with thousands of other survivors to Pruszków. It was where I saw my father for the last time -- They took him from there to Dachau. He never returned.

After returning from German captivity, uncle Józef continued to run the studio in Gdynia at 25 Świętojańska Street. In 1957, he was expelled by the then government from Świętojańska and bought the place at 25 Starowiejska street.

In 1959 I was 19 years old and planning to be a vet, but I started to learn tailoring. In 1968, my uncle died unexpectedly and… Since then I, Janusz Wiśniewski has been running our tailoring business kat. “S” located at 25 Starowiejska street in Gdynia. In March 2019 I will be celebrate the 60th anniversary of my business there. My son Tomasz, while studying, was also learning the tailoring profession. As result for over fifteen years now. We have been also creating tailor-made suits for Warsaw residents in our branch at 2 Krochmalna Street with great success.

As you can see threw this history “Krawiec Wiśniewski” has been serving you for four generations -- providing you with a fashionable cut and a perfect quality taking care of your style. Everyone knows that “Wiśniewski” is a good brand!

You can read more about tailoring and the company on our blog.

Janusz Krawiec Wiśniewski

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