Krawiec Wiśniewski

Ordering process is a kind of adventure...

Noble materials, precision and craftsmanship of masters sewing.

1. Visit the tailor

Getting to know each other, conversation is a nice introduction. Everything starts with agreeing on the purpose of your bespoke garment, the cut, the fabric.


2. The purpose of the garment, the selection of cut

Depends on what occasion you want to wear it for. Will it be an all-day suit for work, for important meetings or an evening suit, formal wear for special events.

3. Color and fabric.

Our cloths are made from the best best materials produced by well-known companies.

4. Taking measurements

We take professional measurement of all the clients who placing the order with us. thanks to experience It takes just two minutes.


5. First fitting

Based fitting is the opportunity to try on the tailored mock-up of the suit which allows us to precisely mark the final cut, shape, proportion and individual detail of final product.


6. Suit collection

The suit collection is the satisfaction for both parties… When the client sees himself in a new outfit, his satisfaction is our greatest reward.

Tailoring WORKSHOP

The basis for sewing a good suit, jacket, trousers, coat is cut. A better effect depends on the skillful cutting. Knowledge, precision, the latest trends have a huge impact at this stage of creation.


The cut individual parts are connected by means of tacks, creating a measure ready to try by the client. Trying on is another very important moment. The length of the width is marked, the details of the finish are determined, it is adjusted to the silhouette.

After trying on, everything rips out again, it folds, taking into account all the changes marked during the fitting. This process is called a yatch.

Only now all the parts are permanently connected to each other in a precise sewing process, mainly performed by the best tailor masters.