Krawiec Wiśniewski

od wojtka

Real tailoring from 1936 and 4 generations

we provide value made to measure for the elegant life…


A large array of materials, textures, designs gives us unlimited possibilities to create a garments you we will feel and look great wearing. When dressed in a suit or matching sets of clothing, you start a day on a more positive note.

Garnitury wieczorowe wizytowe i ślubne

We are what we wear. The correct selection of our wardrobe for the occasion invited testifies to your manners and is an expression of respect for others. Our mood makes us feel confident and special.


This is determined by the weather, time and places we visit. If you choose to put a regular jacket while wearing a suit, you should better stay at home…





Krawiec Wiśniewski


First-class fabrics and handcrafts on the world level, by real masters of tailoring


Perfectly matched to you, your figure and personality. Signed with your initials


Polish company with a 4- generation history, awarded 77 prizes


Lifetime service, cleaning, washing and necessary corrections to the present figure


In addition to classic tailoring, we create everything you need according to individual design, inspiration or photo


A well-tailored suit will give you confidence and proper mood

The fourth generation of the Wisniewskis takes care about the perfection of cut for you, quality and style in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

We will advise you on the choice of fabric, color and cut depending on the body shape and preferences.

A large number of our regular customers know that the company has developed a style that makes “Wiśniewski” an excellent brand.

We cordially invite you to use the services of our company in Gdynia as well as its branch in Warsaw.

We have presidents, politicians, owners of large companies as well as people who like to look elegant on a daily basis among our clients. We also cutter for special occasions such as weddings and proms. Each of our clients has expressed their gratitude and satisfaction threw their immaculate appearance as well as their testimonials full of praise and thanks.

Established 1936 , Trained professionals and tailors masters 48,

. . . 4 Generations in the industry


We invite you to use our suit care and maintenance service