Krawiec Wiśniewski

Evening, formal and wedding suits

Tuxedo, frock coat or perhaps a classic formal suit -- together we will determine what will be perfect for you. We provide classic elegance as well as unique creations. We will make sure that you look and feel the best for any special occasion. Below you will find a gallery about weddings.

Formal suit made of worsted wool. Single-breasted, one button fastening with two back vents. A bow tie or a silk tie under the neck will add the final touch and make you ready for any special occasion.

Bright single-breasted suit with two button fastening and a waistcoat. Perfect for a wedding but can also be used for other occasion.


Single-breasted tuxedo with one button and a narrow shawl lapel. Trousers with a wide belt and narrow side stripes. Looks truly stylish



Wizytowy granatowy garnitur z czesankowej wełny o wysokim splocie, do tego kamizelka w jasno niebieskawym odcieniu i popielaty jedwabny krawat, kwiatek w butonierce i można stawać na ślubnym kobiercu. Po uroczystościach i serwisie będzie służył na co dzień w ważnych wydarzeniach.

Single-breast tuxedo fastened with one button, peak silk lapels and no vents. A wide silk belt and a matching bow as well as a small buttonhole flower complete the picture.

Not everyone has a chance to ever wear a bespoke tailcoat. Although you will not use it very often, it is worth having, especially for special occasions. We can guarantee that the final product will not impress you but will remain in the memory of others forever.

Check tuxedo jacket made of woven wool and silk. Single-breasted, silk-covered peak labels. Plain trousers made of fine worsted crepe. A neck tie instead of a bow tie for a more relaxed look.


Formal single-breasted suit with one button fastening and peak lapels made of high quality wool.

Weddings, weddings, weddings...