Krawiec Wiśniewski

Casual suits

Have you ever wondered how you want to be dressed and perceived every day? In perfectly tuned creations, you represent your image with dignity and make you feel good. In our workshop, you can sew all-day suits, coordinated sets, from the best materials with unique textures and weaves.

Classic double-breasted suit, 120 S wool and cashmere. Blend in grey Always looks elegant and is perfect for any occasion.

Jacket with three button fastening and two back vents. Slanted pockets and slanted button holes complete the picture. Simply perfect with almost any trousers.

Light, bright, subtle check jacket. Three-button jacket fastening, two back vents, two right-side pockets. Half-back lining gives it lightness and makes it a comfortable outfit. You will be turning heads!


Very light, thin material with an interesting texture makes you feel comfortable with plenty of room to move. A single-breasted jacket fastened with three buttons and two vents is easy to style with any trousers.


Classic single breasted suit fastened with two buttons and with one back vent. Made with worsted wool, it’s a great choice for every day.

Single-breasted day suit fastened with three buttons. Its slanted pockets, slanted buttonholes on the sleeves, two back vents and a half back lining make it truly remarkable. The suit jacket can be styled with any trousers even with jeans.


Perfectly made suit with the fine attention to detail. Wearing it will make you feel special.

This one should be in every wardrobe. Suit jacket made of cashmere twill. Two button fastening, peaked lapels, two pocket on the right side, a contrast lining and contrast buttonholes. Specially selected metal buttons and grey flannel make it a perfect choice.

A set of cashmere jacket and grey flannel trousers should always be in your wardrobe. Single breasted jacket with two button fastening a two back vents. Peaked lapels, two pockets on the right sides, unusual buttons and contrast color buttonholes stitching complete the picture. Elegance and comfort in one.

Jacket made of black cashmere and bold check trousers made of thick wool. Single breasted cut with two button fastening, pick lapels two pockets on the right side, specially cut buttonholes and two vents. Trousers with a white turn up on the hems. Beautiful and practical suit, highly recommended.

Comfortable office suit. Classic two button fastening with side vents. No matter what trouser you choose to wear, you will always look neat and impeccable.


Double-breasted suit from unconventional worsted wool. Two back vents, two pockets on the right side, a high contrast inner lining and contrast color buttonholes stitching. Definitely not a boring classic. Will make you look professional while you deal daily business

Sports linen jacket made with double flap to the pockets and a halfback lining. Add colorful trousers and you will not want to wear anything else.


Double-breasted suit fastened with two buttons with vents. Subtle check, casual fabric. Comfort and ease.

A three-piece suit made of dark flannel. Ideal for the autumn and winter period. Suits any occasion. Selection of waistcoats in many different colors available.


A thick Scottish tweed in autumn tones. It’s hard to find something better when it’s cooler outside. Vest, maybe … golf instead of a shirt, this scarf and we can leave the house well, warmly dressed.

Casual jacket – two button fastening, two vents, specially cut buttonholes, metal buttons. High-quality wool with a characteristic twill weave. It looks great and quality is second to none.


Classic casual suit. Jacket made of gabardine, two button fastening and vents, special buttons. Wool flannel trousers in various shades of gray. Very comfortable and does not crease.​

One-piece three-piece suit. A well-cut 130 S wool in warm tones will make us look not only elegant but also tasty…